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Olympics, boycotts, and lolo jones in very tight spandex (‘very tight spandex,’ is that redundant?)

Many of our readers have been disappointed with our Olympic coverage of the —–Olympiad, wait “Olympiad” is only used for the “every four competition in the summer.” So, the winter Olympics gets the shaft. Kinda of shitty. maybe it’s just me.

Moving on…..

this year’s Olympics has been filled with greatness, Canada giving the business to the US (in hockey, but we got payback in ladies biathlon, dig fit chicks and guns, maybe it’s just me), and the US and their fans have been, well, “who we thought we are.” Sport analysis around water coolers have faces of red screaming about how the US is slipping and we suck………yet we are winning the medal count (as far as the count goes at the time this piece is written).

-completely off subject: everyone go listen to the Doors “When the Music is Over,” let what ever happens, happen,…….

okay, i’m back…where were, yes the Olympics, not to be confused with the Olympiad.

Opening ceremonies, we had one ring that did not light, and then Saturday Night Live crashed the stage as KGB officers and sang the Russian traditional song of, “Get Lucky,”

I absolutely love the Comrades who never sing and just stand there chilling in the back ground. please watch this video, and note a few things, first, there is a conductor. Really?! yep. then notice all of the bad ass KGB guys, who are in the back ground, and dont give a shit about singing. Love it! Thirdly, there are 3 guys really, really,  into this song. the first 2 are obvious, they are breaking it down from the beginning. but wait till the ‘about 2 minute mark,”…..and bam! big man is in. and he’s all in. he is so pumped to be singing this song. love this guy (if anyone know’s his twitter handle, please send it this way. i’m following him).

this just raised the bar for all competitors.

running out of time, but will add this. good luck all USA athletes, we respect the time you put in, and support you all!

god bless time saving, second shaving, reduce friction uniforms and (Lolo Jones)

cheers, this guy is perform signature dance.




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