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Post March Madness Blues

Many people tell me they are sad after the NCAA Championship game because they have a “sports watching let down.” They have been sitting and gorging at the all you can eat sport buffet, just stuffing their eyes with multiple televisions, on multiple channels, televising multiple games.  Sport is constant. Suddenly that horrible theme song plays and NCAA basketball goes into a deep hibernation.

Then silence and sport stops. Don’t sit there in your soiled underpants, drooling, and staring at a blank television. I know there’s an urgent need to watch more sport. A need to watch more back ground stories about small school teams and how they have a chance to upset the big boys. But you don’t need constant sport. Trust me.

The first few hours are going to be hard, and then it will get more difficult. You will search to find some sport, any sport, on television to satiate your addiction. You don’t need to watch every pitch from every game on opening day of baseball. You don’t need to watch every shoot from every single event of the Master’s. You don’t, you will be fine. Trust me.

First thing, change the clothes that you have been wearing since the opening round of March Madness. Next, reintroduce yourself to your friends and family, and then get outside and explore the world. Depending on where you live you might still be able to plant your spring garden. For others, you could start planning your summer garden. Click on planting zones for more information on when to plant depending on where you live.

If gardening isn’t your bag, look into the exhibits at your local museum. If you live close to Richmond, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, or VMFA, has The Art of the Flower exhibit featuring work from Van Gogh, Manet, and Matisse until June 21. Do yourself a favor, broaden your experiences and go see this exhibit.

Of course, we will not leave you hanging. We know we are asking a lot when we ask you to step out from the darkness of your man cave. Plus, we would never ask you to do something we can’t do. So for you efforts we leave you a “treasure map of sorts” of craft beers. Here are 3 March Madness Brackets you can still actively participate in.

1. The Ultimate Craft Brewery Bracket compliments of USA Today.

2. The Best Beer in America compliments of Washington Post.

3. Finally, RVA’s Beer Match-up (spot to enjoy beers) compliments of RVA Magazine.

You’re welcome and enjoy.

And one more time, because this song is just so damn horrible. Honestly, what is this song? Why does the March Madness Championship even have a crappy song?!?

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