Sports Revelation

Go Ahead, Question my Fanhood.

Some sports networks would like you to believe that you are less of a man if you don’t watch every detail of every sporting event.

I am secure enough in my fanuality to admit I missed a game, and it was even a Pittsburgh Steeler game. I wondered if I would be able to return home to Western Pennsylvania. You see, in the part of the world I live now, not all the games are broadcast on local channels. Also, I have these two little rugrats and a grown woman that lives in the same house as I do. We call it a family, and sometimes they actually like my company. Last year, I conducted an experiment, and purposely missed a game. I still am in shock. They won without me and the world is still spinning on its axis. I was even actually able to sneak back into Western PA, although I had to wear one of those Bobby Valentine disguises. As you can see in the above video: certain networks would have you believe that you are a less of a man if you miss a game. How very convienient if your bottom line is based on people consuming sports on TV.

So go ahead and question my fanhood. I am secure enough in my fanuality to know that I can support my team without being a fanatic. I am now figuring out that the the four letter network has misguided us all these years. Remember “The Rick” circa 1999? I used to love those commercial and have to admit that the comedic quality has held up even today. But my grown-up version realizes “The Rick” is kinda pathetic and not so awesome. Since my sports revelation, I realize that too many “The Ricks” creates too many “Johnny Footballs”. Enjoy sports, just do it responsibly.


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