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Redskin’s Trent Williams Should Be Mad About His Suspension, At Himself

Washington Redskin’s Trent Williams stood before the media and said, “I don’t want to be known as the guy who failed multiple drug tests.”

The mammoth Williams stated these words back in 2012, after his first suspension for failing multiple drug tests in the NFL. Williams then successfully completed the NFL’s Drug Rehab Program and was released from further tests.

Fast forward to 2016, and again Williams is suspended for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Normally one failed test, or first offense leads to a player being fined. According to the rules a second failed test (or missed test, a la Le’Veon Bell) will result in another fine. A third offense will result in a 4 game suspension without pay.

Williams, Mr. “I don’t want to be known as the guy who failed multiple drug tests,” recently received strike two. He missed a drug test. You can only imagine Mr. Williams surprise when he was then suspended for 4 games. Woe is Me! For some reason, the NFLPA struck a deal that resulted in Trent Williams being suspended and not just fined. Mr. Williams is not pleased with the NFLPA or this deal. If I was the attorney, I would not try to smooth things with Trent face to face. I’d let a typed correspondence do the explaining.


I for one can see why Trent Williams is upset. According to the Shield’s Policy and Program on Substance Abuse he should have one more time to get caught high and stoned out of his mind, or he should have one more time to say, “F’ you NFL!” and not show up for a scheduled drug test before being suspended for 4 games. It is so damn annoying when you have to be responsible for you own actions.

Mr. Trent Williams, I hope you let the rage and anger build and simmer for the next 4 weeks and then you unleash havoc upon your return. However, I also hope you have time to look in the mirror at the person who is responsible for making the choices that directly led to your suspension. YOU. I hope this time you learn from your mistakes, and maybe you think back to the words your younger self proclaimed 4 years ago.

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