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Thank You Mr. Richard Sherman

Mr. Sherman,

I wanted to personally thank you. I was having a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with my family, and we were sharing all of the reasons we have to be thankful. We often use Thanksgiving as a chance to spend time together for a small respite from our busy and hectic life.

While we were discussing how nice it was to have a moment to catch our breath from life in general, we were watching a few minutes of the Thanksgiving Day football games. I thought to myself, “Man, it has to be rough playing on Thanksgiving, while many people have the day off from work.” Then I thought of you because of your recent, insightful press conference.

Mr. Sherman, you recently shared the hardships of the plight of the professional football players with the help of your cleverly, witty friend and cardboard prop. I had no idea how terrible it was to play in the National Football League. I’m so glad I’m short, slow, and never had the opportunity to play processional football. It’s terrible how you were forced to sign a contract, clearly not worth the terrible conditions to which you work, to play a sport that almost every young American boy plays for free.

I also found it troubling, how the Evil League quickly pulled the carpet out from under your feet once you signed this contract. I’m sure it was at this time they informed you, and not before, you would have to play football games on Sunday and Thursday. The horrors! I’m sure this same Evil Association was not clear about its rules on when and where you can endorse the fine companies you represent. It must be so hard to have so many different companies asking so much of you and fighting for your time. If only you and the other professional football players, had a Union, or Players’ Association, it could help protect your rights. This “Players’ Association” could have a “President” elected by you and your peers. I would only hope this President was half as smart and witty as yourself and strove to communicate with the eloquence which you speak.

Finally, I would like to apologize to your friend, the other big strong running back guy, who was fined for not talking to the media. I find it awful how the media invades your locker room immediately after the game looking for your opinions. I have no way of knowing or understanding what it must feel like for people, the media, and fans to want to know your thoughts and opinions. I can only hope that your theatrical stunt helped raise awareness, and the media stops bothering you.


That’s all.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.

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