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Mmmmmmm. More Food for the Sports Monster!

Gather around! The sports monster is ready to feed. Yes, the gnarly beast that sports have become is about to belly-up to the table while SEC sports fans spoon-fed him with their hard earned cash. His appetite is never satisfied and this promises to be a hefty feeding as ESPN is gearing up to debut the new SEC sports network.

Just a few thoughts: 1) Americans watched 33 billion hours of sports programming last year, so of course we need another sports channel? 2) Lets call SEC football what it is – a professional sports league. However, academic institutions control this league, which is perfectly reasonable right? 3) How much will this fuel will this add to the the athletes should get paid debate? ESPN and the SEC will split revenues from subscriber fees 50-50 after expenses. Each University in the SEC will bring in millions from the network. So what about the athletes? Well that’s a whole other blog, and a story we are watching closely.

Now, has does this channel affect you as a cable subscriber? Well, there is a good chance you already get the SEC Network, as it is already in 92 million homes. Comcast, Dish, Direct TV, AT&T among many others have picked up the network. During a high-powered Wall Street conference call last week, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the SEC Network was the “best cable channel launch in history. So, if you have a cable provider who carries this channel, you can watch the Alabama-LSU football contest? Wait, SEC football is broadcast everywhere already. So, you are going to pay extra for more coverage of stuff that is already on TV. I guess you can watch more swimming? NO! We hope Americans watch fewer sports.   tebowing

It appears the cable companies and SEC Universities are the only winners in this deal. Don’t worry, at least you will see lots of Tim Tebow. Who better to lead the on-air team than Florida University Heisman winner Tim Tebow? . There is nothing negative to say about this man, but on some level I am disappointed to see him sitting in the center chair of the SEC Network set. Realistically though I understand that is difficult to make a living talking about faith, family, morals, and such. Instead, Tim will preach America’s new religion – football.

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