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Some Athletes Should Be Role Models (AKA My Hudson Man Crush)

256px-Gwinnett_Braves_Tim_Hudson_(2)Not everything about sport(s) is(are) bad.

And, as fun as it is to point out the hilarity of professional athletes, and their comical antics (see Jagoff of the Week for examples), some athletes are just meant to be role models. Pure and simply stated, some athletes do great things out side of their respective sport.

So…Lets honor them, lets shout their  praises from the roof tops.  Our “shouting praises from roof tops” will take the form of forLet’s the  “Athlete You Would Let Your Daughter Date,” and the winner is Tim Hudson

Timmy is a leader on the field, in the dugout, in the clubhouse, and in the Real World. Last year his season was cut short by a freak accident at first, when a player running to first stepped and broke his ankle. Many Braves Fans, and Baseball Fans alike, were saddened by this gruesome accident. The Braves were wrapping up the NL East Divison and heading towards the playoffs. Thanks t the bad luck accident,  Hudson would not pitch another pitch in the regular season, playoffs, and as much as it saddened me, as a Brave. How did Mr. Hudson respond to the play?  He spoke of the play, and of Eric Young Jr the athlete  involved with stepping on and breaking his ankle, so much a gentleman, even the Great Gatsby would have been proud.

Upon leaving the Atlanta Braves organization (which maybe I cried, maybe I didn’t) Huddy issued this letter to the Braves Fans and organization Huddy’s Letter. This letter allows the avarage mortal and fan, a brief glimpse into the type of person Hudson is, and the class that he brings to Major League Baseball.

The last aspect I will talk about, but not the last aspect of his greatness, is the amazing work Hudson does with his family, and his foundation the Hudson Family Fondatin, for helping improve the lives of children. Please read more about the the Hudson Family Foundation at

Tim Hudson, I tip my Braves hat to you sir. May you have a great season in the Bay area, and may you not face the Braves.


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