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Sports Bring out the Good and Bad

Sport is the perfect example of polar opposites. Sport has good and bad. For all of the terrible aspects of sport there are the inspirations. Sport is a living example there are two sides to every coin, and any other bullshit cliche you can think of, “night and day,” etc, etc.

March Madness is a good example and reminds us of this dichotomy. Student athletes play their hearts out and leaving tears on the court, while universities get paid. March Madness also proves teams playing together can beat teams filled with and future NBA lottery picks.

It also gave us this amazing message  from Geno Auriemma to all future athletes, “Worry about your team instead of looking cool.”


And then we get the other side of the coin.

We get the terrible, we get the trash. This year we got the Lavar Ball spectacle. Now, I don’t fault Mr. Ball for talking up his sons, or for thinking his oldest son is the greatest basketball player to ever walk this planet. No, Lavar Ball is just a proud parent and this is how he shows his love for his boys.

I fault ESPN for continuing to allow Mr. Ball to use all of their platforms for marketing and personal branding. The world does not need this. Shame on you, ESPN. We do not need every parent with a successful college athlete to think they can make outlandish statements and get 7 minutes of spot light on a major network. No siree! The world does not need ESPN to support these loud arrogant and ignorant parents.

Sport bring out the best of athletes, fans, and parents. Sport also bring out those who will stop at nothing to make a name for their self and their brand. We need media outlets to carry more of the good, the amazing, and the inspirational in sports not the self promoting sensationalism. Sport needs the fan to keep the dichotomy in balance.


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