Sports Revelation

Yikes! It’s a Sports Monster! Or a Lamia?

I hear it everyday: “Nobody is worth that much money”! “It costs too much to go to a game”! “That guy had it all, and he threw it all away”! “Oh, by the way…what time is the game on tonight”?

So, who is at fault for the bizarre sports world in which we now live? We all are. There is a mind-blowing amount of money dumped into professional sports leagues, college sports and even high school sports. Come on Texas – it’s just high school football.

It is that money that has transformed sports into the ugly monster we all know and somehow still love. So where did that money come from? Our collective pockets of course –it’s supply and demand at it’s finest. We demand, and the TV executives, franchise owners, and athletes supply. Then they reap the benefit. Make no mistake about it: We have created this well-paid monster. The sports monster does not necessarily bite the hand that feeds it, but it sure does not care about it.

To use a well-known sports cliché  — You cannot stop this monster, you can only hope to contain him. And in no way do we want to stop the world of sports. In fact, let’s say it again. We love sports. But we do not love the bizarre sports monster that we have created.

If you noticed the picture, and how could you not, here is the explanation: In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating demon. Sound like a familiar theme?

So how do we contain it? Where does the monster get its food (money)? Well, it appears the biggest source is from TV deals and merchandising. Of course, this is going to be very difficult. In fact, it may be nearly impossible. It means paying less attention to every detail of every sporting event. It means turning off the TV. It may even mean cancelling your cable. My original thought was that I am going to keep feeding the monster so that I can look at it once in while. Honestly, how can you not look at the Monster. You are not seriously taking about cutting off cable are you? And what about the $150 jersey that tells everyone who I root for? I mean, that’s part of my identity.

Common sense says that I will be alright without cable or my team’s jersey. Perhaps, if you ignore the monster, it will turn to that adorable fun puppy that we remember from childhood? Nope. I am not listening to the little practical voice in my head. That voice is no fun.

So at this point I still think this radical but somehow rational voice in my head is really a lunatic. No freaking way I am getting rid of my cable!……………..lamiaBut yes, it could just liberate me? Not yet, but I might think about for a second.

Please stay with me on this journey. Does anyone else have these foolish thoughts?

Are we the only ones who look at sports today and see an ugly monster, but cannot turn away? Are there any other sports fans out there that have actually gone off the deep end and cancelled cable? Tell your story and walk with us on this journey. Who knows where it will go?