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The Greatness of Steve Smith Sr. His Final Season, Retirement, and Life After Football

Steve Smith Sr. is a very polarizing character. Most people have a strong opinion of Steve Smith just based on stories they have seen or heard via the media. Most recently Smith Sr. was ejected near the end of the first quarter when he stuck up for one of his teammates and a scuffle ensued. No matter your opinion of Baltimore Ravens #89, you cannot discount his career. The numbers he has compiled during his 14 year career are damn impressive.

Receptions: 915         Receiving yards: 13,262        Touchdowns: 73

Not only do his stats place him in rare company, but he is on the verge of joining an elite group of legends. There are only 10 receivers who have eclipsed the 1000 receptions mark in the NFL. Mr. Smith is looking to join this list.

Although Steve Smith Sr. is well known for his trash talking, I hope he gets at least 85 receptions this season. I hope he eclipses the 1000 reception mark and has a fantastic 15th year in the League. Why am I pulling for Steve Smith Sr. you ask? I recently heard an interview on ESPN following his announcement on retirement and was completely blown away.

Smith Sr. spoke about being excited about playing this season and also excited about retiring and continuing to accomplish great things. Plain and simple he spoke about a clear plan. As far as catching 1000 receptions, he talked about how he is more worried and haunted by his drops than he’s worried about falling short of the historic mark. He opened up and discussed how he is excited to finally be with his wife on her birthday. A day of celebration he has missed due to training camp for the last 15 years. He also spoke about his eagerness to work out with his wife, and children; and how he is driven by his passion to be the generation to finally break the family history of diabetes.

He also discussed plans and goals following retirement from football. You and I both know Steve Smith Sr. is not going to grow old with a walker, sitting on a rocking chair on some porch. No sir. He is already excited to test his mind and body training for a Spartan Race. I found this humbling. Here’s a man who plays in the National Football League and could join a small list of only 10 other professional football players, yet he’s looking forward to training for a Spartan Race. The very same race you or I could sign up and try to conquer. This interview took the persona of Steve Smith Sr., the jaw breaking, trash talking, never-give-up receiver and added depth giving a glimpse of Steve Smith Sr. the person. I think at times we all forget athletes are people too.

To honor Steve Smith Sr. we will be keeping a running counter of his receptions. Let’s get to 1000! Let’s cheer for Steve Smith Sr. and lets cheer for something amazing. Continue to come to to see his total receptions, but also come to see the amount of drops he has this season. We are not listing his drops because we are haters, but because Steve Smith constantly wants to know how he can become better.

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