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Let’s Sink Our Teeth Into the Grisly Heart of the Problem



The dust has settled, ointment has been applied to the skin abrasions, and Suarez’s golden chompers are, “Thank God,” still intact from his latest bite of gristle. The FIFA ban is out, and the reactions are starting to take shape and come in. Everyone will have their opinion on the ban, “It’s too short,” “It’s too long,” “Make him wear a goddamn mouth piece, Bro.” I hope  FIFA gave the sanctions a good long thought, and did not forget to include some part of the following:

1. Do it again, and you are done. Finished. Haya terminado.

Here’s a little secret Senior Suarez, “There will be another you.” Yep. It’s a sad truth, but there will always be another star in your sport to capture our attention. So, we, but more importantly, your country (which you let down) and your professional club (which you let down), do not have to put up with your antics. Hopefully when Uruguay takes the pitch vs. Columbia on Saturday, a new star will be born.

2. FIFA included some type of  psychological therapy/counseling.

Only upon successful completion of treatment can he, then, possibly be considered to be reinstated. There is something seriously wrong with this individual, and he needs help. Any person whom gets the urge to sink their teeth into another human being is sick.  And to do this THREE times? Are you serious?

I hope Liverpool quickly had their lawyers draft up an addendum to his contract saying, “Mate, if you pull this shenanigan again, you owe us the money we paid you!” 

But Jon,” you will all argue, “It’s not fair to his team to be penalized for his actions.” My response. “Yes, yes it is.” It’s time players hold each other more responsible. It’s time for teams to demand their players are more responsible.

And more importantly, it’s time for us, the FANS, to hold our beloved teams to a higher standpoint. Remove Suarez from sport, and place him in another real life profession, and try to picture how this will go: Doctor getting ready to take your BP (bites your neck), a librarian showing you the poetry section (gnaws on your arm), a Life Guard rescues you (then chomps onto your shoulder). You get my point.

Suarez is a brilliant futbol player, and he needs help. Hopefully he will get the assistance, help, and caring that he needs. We all know he will admit his errors (again), he will say he is sorry to his fans (again),and how he will “work so this will never happen again” (again). You get one more shot sir, not because you deserve a fourth chance, but because this is how the world works. However as fans, we do not have to like it. We can watch one less game that involves Suarez and his team. We can stop purchasing his jerseys. As fans we have choices, and there are simple actions we can simply take. One small action will add to another action and continue to grow. We are fans, and we DO have a say. Bite someone again, and it really is simple: “no mas de futbol.”

Futbol fans have spoken, Suarez.


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