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It’s Best to Lead By Example

Ryan Tannehill has a nice contract extension.

Ryan Tannehill has an attractive wife.

Ryan Tannehill has a job many kids dream of about.

Ryan Tannehill does not know shit about being a leader.

Like it or not, Quarterbacks are looked upon to be team leaders. Some have even compared Quarterbacks to CEO’s of companies, and neither should go around belittling teammates or employees. This is especially true for teammates (practice squad including) fighting, working hard, and battling to earn a spot on the team roster.

Tannehill like the Dolphins, has been struggling. Since week 1, the Dolphins have not won a game and Tannehill has thrown for 6 touchdowns and also tossing 5 Interceptions. While across the pond in London it was reported Tannehill lost his cool while throwing interceptions at practice, ripping the scout/practice squad. He even allegedly mocked their practice squad pay checks. You should know better than to yell and belittle your teammates for doing their job, Mr. Tannehill. This is a pure Jack-ass move, Bro. Yet, this is exactly what Tannehill did and why he wins this weeks Jagoff Athlete of the Week.

I’m not saying he should be like Golden Boy-Ball Deflating Tom Brady and offer cash money to players who pick him off in practice. Still, Tannehill should control his emotions where ever he is as he continues to plays crappy. If he is unable to encourage his teammates, he should at least focus on improving his own play. Leaders lead by example.

Enjoy Sports Responsibly.



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