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The Brews of Summer: COTU

Many things go hand in hand with America’s Pastime. When you think baseball, you immediately think of nostalgic things, such as peanuts, cracker jacks (do they even still makes this?), perfectly manicured fields, and beer. Like baseball players, beers come in all types. We all know the player from our favorite team that does not often get a hit or even often make contact with the ball. However, when he does make contact he hits the ball long and very hard. It’s just like that one beer you don’t get often, but when you do, you know it’s going to hit pretty hard.

It’s time to enjoy some baseball and fantabulous beer. It’s time for you to share your favorite beer from our favorite craft breweries. This week we are featuring Center of the Universe.

We know it’s tough to select one, but you can do it. Here’s a description of COTU’s delicious beers. Remember to also vote on the beer from Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. Then come back on Friday to see which beer won from COTU, and which brew it will challenge from Hardywood for the weekend series.

Please enjoy sampling safely.

As always, Enjoy Sports Responsibly.



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