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The Brews of Summer: Strangeways Brewing

There is a distinct atmosphere at a ballpark for a baseball game. The lights, the score board, each stadium has it’s own individual heart beat and rhythm. Each stadium also has their force of vendors selling their delicious boiled meats, popcorn, cotton candy, and of course…beer.

Week two of “The Brews of the Summer,” feature two more RVA breweries. Strangeways Brewing located on Dabney Road, which encourages all to “Think Strange. Drink Strange,” as they look to create concoctions of curious combinations to appease the palate searching for craft beers far past ordinary. Strangeways always has 25 brews on tap, so we choose 11 beers for this survey and added a write in option. We did not want to leave any of your favorites off the list.

Please go visit our friends at Strangeways and enjoy their concoctions.  Then vote once you have finally decided on your favorite beer. Remember to also go vote on your favorite beer from Lickinghole Creek. On Friday come back to see which beer won from each of these two breweries, and to vote on your favorite starting beer of the weekend series.

Please enjoy sampling safely.

As always, Enjoy Sports Responsibly.

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