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The Mythical Polamalu

It is our mission here at to introduce social responsibility into the sports spectator culture. If there is one athlete who exemplifies social responsibility in all aspects of his life it is Troy Polamalu.

Mr. Polamalu’s kindness, humility, and generosity are becoming increasingly rare traits in today’s professional sports world. Like Bo Jackson’s feats of athleticism, the stories of Troy’s kindness are becoming legendary. For instance there is the tale of how Troy was able to eat undisturbed in a busy Pittsburgh restaurant. He thanked all the patrons by buying everyone’s dinner and staying to sign autographs for everyone. In another act of kindness, Polo Manukainiu, a redshirt freshman defensive lineman at Texas A&M, was sadly killed in a car accident. An unanimous donor paid for the funeral -it apparently was Troy Polamalu. I believe it. In fact, if you told me Troy singlehandedly defeated a rouge ISIS terrorist group using only his tackling skills, I would only question whether or not his hair was left to flow or neatly tucked into his helmet. troy2

How does Troy maintain his benevolent spirit while surrounded by a sports world teeming with deceit, temptation, and greed? It seems that his primary inspiration is his strong faith in Greek Orthodox Christianity. This is another area where Troy stands out from the norm, for in an increasingly secular America, he stands for his religious beliefs. He not only gives credit to a greater power, he exemplifies Christian principles with real actions. The mythical Polamalu could certainly be the bishop of the NFL, restoring our faith in the professional athlete.

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  1. Leticia Munoz

    October 1, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    Love what Troy brings not only to the field but the positive message he leaves in printed in our hearts nice to hear good deeds that come from players America so greatly admires!

  2. Scott

    October 2, 2014 at 12:20 am

    There are a few and I mean very few other athletes that exhibit the humble compassion of a Polamalu. For some reason the networks do not tell their story. One of the missions of sports revelation is to let the world know. I just hope people chose to support those athletes regardless of their on-field play. Sports are more than wins and loses.

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