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There is Always Poop Underneath the Shiny New NFL

The NFL does not care about children’s education or concussions.

Do not be hoodwinked by the bright lights and shiny objects. Do not let yourself get tricked by the new, fancy toy. You are not a lemming. You think for yourself, don’t you? Look past the fanciness of everything you see in Vegas, and instead take a deep breath. Take a nice deep inhalation and smell the rancid, smell of fecal matter that’s underneath the shiny surface. And, it’s not the smell of a nice healthy turd, nope. The smell you will notice is the rot coming off a pile of unnatural colored fecal matter that is speckled with blood.

The NFL has allowed the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas. The Raiders need a new stadium and a new stadium they will get. They will get a 2 Billion dollar deluxe, state of the art stadium with massive retracting walls and a giant screen for the tailgaters to watch the game. I’m sure it will also have hidden rooms for gambling and hookers. I bet you might sit down to meet a nice, wholesome lady who is “really” in to you, and you might rub elbows with a player who is supposed to actually being playing in today’s game. Who is really wearing jersey number 69 on the field, if you are sitting next to him at the brothel?

Las Vegas, or Clark County, agreed to pay the Raiders a $750 Million subsidy raised from public taxes if they moved to their wonderful city. Ironically, Clark County also recently voted against raising taxes for the public school system. This vote will cause an increase in class sizes and slammed shut doors closing a school for at-risk students. So, increase taxes for public schools? Nope. But lets raise some taxes to bring in a professional football team? Hell F’ing yeah!

This is beyond sad. I know this is how the real business world works, but still it’s sad. Politicians and law makers are put in office by the voters. In this instance, they showed their true colors by ruling against the youth of America and supporting a new stadium.

I know a professional football team will bring in more money to the area then a public school. It is estimated the Raiders will bring in $100 million from  media exposure and another $50 million for hosting various sporting events. I really do get this. It just feels dirty to me, and smells like shit. I blame the politicians in Clark County, NFL, and owners for letting this happen. However the fans are also to blame to allow this type of move to continue to happen. The public officials of Oakland stood firm and would not raise public taxes to fund a new stadium. They did however make an offer including land and other incentives for the Raiders to stay in Oakland. But I guess the bright lights of Vegas and $750 million dollars stolen from school kids was a more enticing deal. I for one will not be buying a ticket to visit the Raiders while they get cozy in Las Vegas. Nor will I continue to watch them on TV. I hope their attendance sucks.



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