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I bet Warren Sapp has a monster-sized…..heart

There’s not much that needs to be said about this weeks Jagoff of the week. This is good, because you will not have to read lots of fancy letters and words. Today, most common folk need to secretly steal from their children’s college fund to be able to afford a once in a life time trip to the Super Bowl. Warren Sapp was sent there on assignment. I know, life is tough when your work shuttles your ass to the Super Bowl. While in Phoenix at the Super Bowl, Warren was arrested for soliciting prostitution in the wee hours of the morning. And to think, some people have already put in hours of hard work at this time.

The story goes on to explain how first Mr. Sapp was “throwing hundred dollar bills” at the two working ladies. Classy. However, when the prostitutes asked to be paid more for other activities a melee ensued. According to Sapp, he argued with the prostitutes because he did not want to pay for other services. This might have been the first time Hall of Fame Sapp has ever been financially responsible in his life.

Warren Sapp has made over $83,000,000. At 42, Warren Sapp has burned through $83,000,000. He filed for bankruptcy in 2012, his $83,000,000 gone.  Besides reportedly owning over 200 pairs of Jordan’s, and a Bentley, he continues to pay over $74, 000 a month for alimony. $74,000 a month, really?! I can’t imagine how Mr. Sapp lost all of his money….

This story makes me shake my head in bewilderment and reach for another drink. It also reminds me how the relationship of sports and society are off kilter. There is plenty of blame to go around. Mr. Sapp is a grown man and needs to deal with responsibility of his actions. However, as consumers we must also think about the role we play in all of this, may it be small. We allow owners the ability to offer athletes numerous chances to obtain, lose, and then re-obtain the American Dream. What if we dialed back our consumption of sport? How far would the effect of our actions go? Its hard to say. Well, one positive take home message from this story, at least Warren Sapp stood up to those meanie hookers who were trying to take advantage of him and his money.





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