Sports Revelation

Who Writes This Stuff?

Jonathan and Scott are just a couple of sports fans who are trying to enjoy sports responsibly.

Both live in the United States.

Scott has roots in Western Pennsylvania and likes to remind Jonathan of just how immaculate the Immaculate Reception really was. Being from Western PA actually lends itself well to a sports revelation. For you see, there are no more loyal and fierce fans than those found living near the three rivers. At the same time, pragmatism is bred into our souls. Which begs the question: should we derive our happiness from how the Black and Gold play on Sunday? I almost feel like a heretic just writing that sentence.

Jonathan writes most of his blogs in boxers, a faded-worn-out -light green robe, and fedora; and the others, he writes in the same attire with a either a hoppy IPA or glass of bourbon, or both, by his side. Often and easily confused by both, new technology, and the subtleties of the written English language.  He relies on the brilliance and guidance of Scott to proof read and makes sense of his garbled run on sentences and non-coherent ramblings.

Oh, and there is this one other guy, Matt, or Mark, or something like that. He’s the IT guru. Now to think of it…he has the ony Admin power for the website…hmmmm, interesting…

“Hey Scott! Scott! Do you trust this Mark-Matt guy?!”