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Whoa NBA…Slow Your Roll!!!

Oh wise and all-knowing Magic 8 Ball, I’m concerned for the NBA. I’m concerned with the huge increase in player contracts due to the massive amount of money being pumped into the NBA thanks to the new television contracts, so I turn to you for answers…

“Magic 8 Ball, will the NBA be in trouble of losing teams in 2-3 years from now?”


The NBA signed a 9 year television deal with ESPN and Turner Sports worth 24 Billion dollars. This deal will see the NBA more than double it’s annual paycheck from $930 Million to $2.6 Billion.

This massive influx of money will cause a few things to happen, but most noticeably will be the crazy jump in player contracts. Players’ contracts are going to explode. An average increase of 167% to be exact. That’s why Timofy Mozgov inked a insane 4 year deal worth $64 million, Luol Deng signed a 4 year $72 million dollar deal, and Mike Conley signed the largest contract in NBA history, 5 years $153 million. Yes, you read that statement correct, “Mike Conley singed the largest contract in NBA history.” He will be the 3rd player ever to get paid $30 million dollars for one season. Who are the other 2 players? Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Do you even know what team Mike Conley players for in the NBA?

Think hard now, what team does Mike Conley play for…

To buy you some time, lets look at these other asinine contracts.  The Show Time Lakers are paying Timofy Mozgov $64 million. Timofy Mozgov boasts the career averages of less than 7 points, and 5 boards a game. That’s not very good. He did become a World Champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers, so maybe he can bring a “winning atmosphere,” back to the Lakers. Last season Timofey averaged 17 minutes a game. That’s minutes, not points. He then only played 5 minutes per game in the playoffs.  I’d say the Lakers got a deal for $64 million.

Now, lets look at the highest paid player in NBA history, Mike Conley. Mike Conley is the point guard for the Memphis Grizzles.  Hell, did you even know Memphis has a basketball team? Did you even know if they made the playoffs last year? Well yes, Memphis has a team. And actually yes, they are pretty good, but not great. And yes they like to pay their players (Chandler Parsons also just signed a deal for 4 years’ worth more than $90 million).

For the record, I don’t have any problem with the athletes getting paid. Good for them, and more power to them. I think everyone would accept an astronomical raise to continue with their current job. So, I fault these basketballers none at all. However, it’s the idea of paying average players huge contracts that is my concern. I think the NBA needs to be very careful with this situation.

The NBA is a league where the common fan will only watch a few teams. Those teams include the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, OKC Thunder, and maybe the San Antonio Spurs. Most people who live outside of Toronto or Portland, would not pay to watch these two teams play on television. However, both of these teams are actually pretty good. The Toronto Raptors won their division and lost to the Cleveland Cavilers in the Eastern Conference finals. Portland also had a winning season, coming in second in their conference. But no one cares. NO ONE cares. Yet somehow ESPN and Turner Sports are paying billions upon billions of dollars to televise these games.

The massive TV deal is for the entire NBA and all of their teams. Answer this questions, How many teams are in the NBA today?….32? 28? And now, quickly how many current NBA teams can you name off the top of your head? No, Seattle no longer has a team!

Maybe the television ratings continue to be high. Yes, that must be it. The ratings for the NBA finals were high, but the ratings were not increased compared to every game from to last year. Game 1 was the most watched game one in NBA history, but games 2, 3, and 6 were down from last year (Game 5 was even). So ratings don’t seem to be increasing. How can money continue to flow in???

How can teams still have enough bank to sign players like CJ McCollum to a 4 year, $106 million deal? This is crazy. Does anyone know who CJ McCollum plays for in the NBA or how long he has been in the league. Hell no. Last year he had a nice season averaging 20 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists. For his career, CJ averages 12 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists per game. Is this really worth a max deal? Again, I’m not blaming the player. No sir, you better sign that contract for 4 years with $106 million.

Sign that deal, young man! Because the money is free flowing now, but it will not last. Does anyone remember shooting guard Derek Anderson? For his career averaged 12 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists, and I bet he would love to get a piece of a 4 year contract for $106 million.

Lets look back at Mike Conley, the highest paid player in the history of the NBA. Comparing Conley’s career stats to John Stockton, what would it cost to pay for a player like John Stockton? Stockton averaged 13 points, 10.5 assists, and 3 rebounds. Mike Conley averages 13.6 points , 5.6 assists, and 3 rebounds. You make the call. I doubt Stockton was ever the NBA’s highest paid player.  Yes, I know there is more to basketball then just stats. I am simply making a point.

Is the drastic influx of money from the new TV deal a positive thing for the NBA? I think it can be a great thing. The NBA now has the money to build and grow their product, but they also should be careful. I think they need to step back and look at a lot of these contracts. A lot of the contracts are terrible. A lot of these contracts are over paying for the crappy talent. Eventually, the Lakers fans are going to catch on to the poor product the Lakers’s keep rolling out on the floor. And eventually these fans are going to stop watching the games.


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