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Why Do I Even Care?

I was still at work, at a clinic with patients still being treated, when I yelled out loud.

I had no control over this yell, and could have easily yelled, “HOLY SHIT!!!,” because this yell was associate with an emotion which caused me to react with and outburst without even thinking.


Why do I connect to the US Men’s World Cup Team? Why do I feel part of this something, that feels bigger than just Futbol matches?

Maybe it’s the idea that one small, wrong, miss-calculated step, could be the reason a 0-0 tie, ends up a 1-0 defeat for your team. And in the World Cup a loss is not a loss. A loss could put the phase, “In four years,” into reality.

It could also be the idea that teams are not made through huge off season contracts, or block buster deals. Nope. These teams are made from your fellow countrey men. These athletes, these million dollar athletes are scrapped and fought tooth and nail for a spot on this team’s roster. Players did not elect not to play in the games, like it was some Pro Bowl or All Star game. No, these athletes played thier guts out just to make a spot on the team. It’s a little refreshing to watch pro athletes care so much. Maybe that makes me care more. Just look at the expression on John Brooks’ face after scoring the 2nd, and ultimately winning goal.



Maybe I am drawn to these games because I too, am a citizen of America. These players are playing with the Stars and Stripes proudly on their chest, and are playing to win for our great Country. This bond I feel with other American fans. How can this not get you excited?

So, get wrapped up in something bigger than money, and bigger than yourself. Watch a few minutes of the next USA match vs. Portugal this Sunday. Enjoy the excitement, and enjoy the game. It is more than okay to enjoy sports.

Just make sure to “Enjoy Sports Responsibly.”




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