Sports Revelation

Good Morning, Richmond. Hello, World!

The UCI World Championships roll into Richmond, and bring an expected 500,000 fans to the RVA. The 9 day event is also expected to draw 300 million television viewers world wide. To put these numbers in perspective: the last Super Bowl drew 115 million television viewers. Yep, that’s correct, more than 2 x the amount of viewers who watched the Super Bowl are going to tune in to watch the World Championships being hosted in Richmond, Virginia. Hello, World!


This event gives us a fantastic excuse to venture out of our respectable caves and enjoy the fresh air. It’s an opportunity to be part of a world-wide, global event. This event is a chance to dust off your bicycle, inflate the flat tires, and demonstrate the importance of being active to your children. It’s a chance to spend time with friends and family while walking/biking around Richmond and seeing the city through a new perspective not your car window.

Roads are closed so plan ahead if you are driving to the city. The official website of Richmond 2015 has all of the information you will need to navigate the 9 days. You can find the information on all of the races (locations, dates, and times) and where to find fanfest zones, food, and drink. Style Weekly also has the Nonfan’s Guide as well as suggestions for the best places in Richmond to watch the race. So, do some planning (I know ‘planning‘ is not in my nature either), grab your bike (fixies for you hipsters and Schwinn’s with gears for the rest of us) and lets enjoy Richmond. Now, if you are completely clueless about the UCI World Championship, but want to sound educated when talking to your trendy friends, check out a nice overview from the Washington Post.

An event like the UCI World Championships is an once in the lifetime happening. Unless Richmond is ever involved in helping to host the Olympics (not likely) this is going to be the biggest sporting event to ever take place in the Commonwealth’s Capitol. Instead of complaining about road closures, step back and get wrapped up in the fun of this huge, global happening. Take a few hours out of your weekend and enjoy this event, this festival. It’s okay to enjoy sports, just do so responsibly.



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